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Inspiration     Creativity     Fast delivery

Storytelling is the key to any successful marketing campaign. At Indi Studio we love creative challenges, And get excited about every project anew. It's important for us to understand the special needs and solve the most difficult problems of our clients. Our goal  is to create videos  that will have an unforgettable impact on your audience




Indi Studio is a one-stop-shop. Everything you need to turn a great idea into a stuning video, under one roof in an efficient, fast and carefully managed process. We provide a wide range of creative solutions for real time delivery of top end video content to satisfy the endless appetite of today's digital consumers for quality media.


Indi Studio was founded by Carmit Shlomi and Ittai Meyer Who met during their studies at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design .

10 years of producing commercials, Documentary,   animation, music videos and various digital content  led to the establishment of the studio,  a space for a creative meeting between a team of talented professionals from all fields of production and clients with a vision of excellence.  We believe that when you do something you really love, you quickly get the best results and also enjoy the journey.

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